COVID-19 Update

Click the below link to get more information about the measures we have been taking about Covid-19 outbreak at our Beauty Salon

Luxury salon where you will feel unique and special.

Yioula & Andri Mandriotou Beauty Salon in Nicosia has been established for over 30 years providing expert facial and body treatments using an holistic approach to improve how you feel as well as how you look.

At Mandriotou Beauty Salon we believe in the power of looking good and feeling great.

Having “me-time” allows you to reconnect, revive and extravagance yourself, and because we are centrally located in Akropolis (Nicosia), we are able to offer a little distraction from the daily routine at your convenience, whether this is a quick spa treatment during your lunch, or a more indulgent experience when you have more time on your hands.

Just a few moments with us and you will feel fresher and complete again.

So explore our website to find out how we can add a little bit of style and beauty into your week. You’ve earned it!